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Everything In Its Right Place

The sun shone on her face, covering her right cheek with the warmth like that of a freshly dryed blanket. He kissed her left cheek, lips lingering while his nose tickled the space between left eye and cheekbone. And in between there was wind. A small, open gap along the bridge of her nose, she felt the wind cool her face. It was so telling. Snuggled between two warmths was a gap where reality set in. It was in this divide where she chose to live.

Between two warmths.

The sun was shining on one side; the soothing ambient sounds of ocean waves crashing underneath. She felt love to her left. Everything she needed — everything she wanted, in fact — surrounded her. And yet she chose to be fully aware of the reality in between:  the cold rush of wind slapping down the center of her face. It was here where she felt truly comfortable. In the reality of it all, the ever-present reality of that single solitary moment in time. She was neither here nor there, and that was OK with her. Right in the middle, where she needed to be, completely and fully aware of everything around her and what it all meant. No need to make any decisions now, she let the crisp air of reality coalesce with the warm romanticism of the dreams that encircled her.

And as it were, everything in its right place.


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