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Melancholy demons With ragged wings Scrape at the depths of my soul Leaving me weary Sluggish Unamused. I let them run their course Patiently waiting for This pain to pass Thinking of nothing And everything In a failed attempt at distraction. Expel, expel! Away from here! Until the next time I’m forced To let you … Continue reading »

Everything In Its Right Place

The sun shone on her face, covering her right cheek with the warmth like that of a freshly dryed blanket. He kissed her left cheek, lips lingering while his nose tickled the space between left eye and cheekbone. And in between there was wind. A small, open gap along the bridge of her nose, she … Continue reading »

The Allure of the Atlantic

I long to be lost in your ocean blue Swim in the Atlantic of your eyes To drown in your crashing waves, a cherished destruction, A fatality I never knew I’d welcome. Submerge myself in the intricacies of your undulations To have you consume me would be the sweetest indulgence. Allow me to swim in … Continue reading »


She has long, flowing jet-black hair, with wave-like ridges that cascade from tiny follicles to the tip of her split ends. She kisses sweetly, her crimson plump lips quiver slightly before every electric kiss. She has a lust for adventure, and loves to be around strangers simply to feed off their different, complex energies. She … Continue reading »

Some Forever, Not for Better

I stumbled upon a couple of old AIM conversations I had saved from long ago, conversations between my ex and I. I was cleaning out some old files in my home PC and came across those and a few old photos of us. While I read the online interaction, I furrowed my brows, smiled, laughed, … Continue reading »

Dream A Little Dream

A friend had this dream about me once, at a time I was between relationships, in between love and heartache, the only time I’ve really been single in 6 years. Its funny how telling it is about me. — So I had this weird dream about you last night. You were sitting in the corner of … Continue reading »