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Dream A Little Dream

A friend had this dream about me once, at a time I was between relationships, in between love and heartache, the only time I’ve really been single in 6 years. Its funny how telling it is about me.

So I had this weird dream about you last night. You were sitting in the corner of a damp desolate cave, and you were curled up in fetal position. When I walked up to you, you looked up at me and yours eyes were completely blank. I was asking you what you were doing there, but when you opened your mouth to respond all kinds of blood came spewing out! Then you started yelling hysterically..”My heart is bleeding!!!” I knelt down next to you and I was holding you, trying to comfort you. All of a sudden the walls of the cave started to melt and we were in your room. Then you pushed me away from you and cried out”Why cant you hear me, why cant you hear me!?” Then you stood up and started pulling out letters from your pockets…and threw them at me. I picked up a letter from the floor and it was an old love letter someone had written you..then it turned to ashes in my hands. I looked at you in sympathy and had this deep feeling of sadness. Then you said to me with this monotone voice…”The letters always end up the same…in ashes.”

And then I woke up.


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